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Web and Mobile Design for Restaurants

Award winning designs that drive reservations, booking, and revenue. Digital Panda offers beautiful, user driven websites that get your restaurant found and drive reservations and group bookings. Creative designs, content, search technology and our award-winning content management system give restaurant owners the edge in SEO. We feature mobile first designs with a true storytelling UX, backed by solid SEO and trends in content marketing to connect with your audience. Digital Panda websites offer the perfect balance of creativity and technology.

Technology-backed websites with unrivaled design

A website experience that is unmatched

Don’t settle for “build it yourself” systems that force you to make design decisions on your own. Digital Panda restaurant websites leverage the expertise of our Silicon Valley-based design team to create beautiful designs that drive reservations and group business. Your website is hosted on Digital Panda-CMS, the award-winning content management system that drives SEO rankings. 

  • Choose from beautiful pre-designed themes or custom designs
  • Backed by award-winning technology that drives rankings
  • Special features that create more compelling experiences
Enterprise-grade SEO management without the complexity or price

Take your restaurant to the next level with SEO analysis

Take your restaurant digital marketing to the next level with Digital Panda Insights. Track keyword rankings and compare your keyword position with up to three competitors. Perform in-depth analysis of your digital marketing and technology vs. your competitors, spot keyword opportunities in a sophisticated, intuitive and easy to use platform.

  • Enterprise-grade, cloud-based SEO keyword management
  • Compare performance with up to 3 competitors
  • Analyze your SEO technology and identify opportunities

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