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Hotel Internet Marketing
Paid Marketing For Brand Awareness and Conversion

Data driven paid marketing that increases bookings and revenue. Digital Panda consistently achieves above-average ROAS for our clients by deploying sophisticated audience targeting techniques that leverage your in-house data as well as data collected from third-party sources. We use techniques pioneered in the world of retail and consumer marketing, and work closely with our software partners and customers to connect your business with consumers that might be interested in your products or services.

Persona-based omni-channel campaigns that drive results

Paid Marketing Campaigns & Strategies Based on Your Goals

Paid marketing is more than just pay-per-click. While it’s an effective means of driving traffic to your site, it can only work as part of a more comprehensive omni-channel effort that is based on your goals and your ideal audience. 

That’s why Digital Panda’s omni digital marketing campaigns for hotels start with understanding your target consumer personas and are built around sophisticated segmentation and focused channel placement that is based on where your consumers are in the customer journey. 

  • Award-winning paid marketing campaigns based on consumer personas and segmentation
  • Focused paid channel and techniques based on the customer funnel
  • Comprehensive campaigns that are in sync with your SEO and website strategies
Campaigns that are effective and maximized for each channel

Measurable Results That Drive ROI & ROAS

You always want the best return on ad spend, right? Of course. But knowing which channel and which stage of the customer journey will yield specific returns is critical. So is measuring your performance – during your campaign – to optimize your ad spend. 

That’s why Digital Panda works with some of the best paid media companies in the business and uses same strategies and techniques that we use with our Fortune 500 clients to deliver exceptional ROAS on your hotel ad spend. 

  • Focused campaigns with ROAS expectations tailored to each channel
  • In-depth reporting to optimize campaign spend
  • Integration with your SEO and local campaigns to ensure the greatest coverage
The right channels for the right goals

Campaign Channels for Optimum Results

Digital Panda paid media campaigns put your business in front of the right customer every time. Whether it’s sophisticated display and remarketing campaigns or meta-search engines like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Kayak and Trivago. 

Our paid media campaigns for hotels are designed around precisely-built customer profiles and with carefully selected business goals that you define. Digital Panda then crafts the best message and leverages the appropriate channels based on your goals.

  • Leverage demographic and psychographic data to target consumers
  • Channel-specific campaigns based on your goals
  • Target age, gender household income, interests and a wealth of other criteria 

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