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Search Technology

Technical SEO Agency & Service

Designing a great website is difficult and challenging. Developing a great website that gets found and that drives conversions and revenue is even harder. At Digital Panda, we develop websites based on a rich legacy of technology, innovation, and best practices. Digital Panda websites are at the leading edge of the web and keep you in front of your customers.
Because a house needs a foundation

Website development

Beauty is only skin-deep. That has never been truer than it is for websites. Your site performance is dependent on its programming, your server setup and on the information, being delivered to the user. Digital Panda ensures fast download times, low bounce rates and rapid mobile speeds by deploying advanced technologies and by employing high-performance software and hardware. 

This sends the search engines a good user experience signal, impacting overall traffic and ranking of your site.

  • High-performance hardware
  • Advanced technologies to optimize speed
Because “fast” is a relative term

Speed and performance

A one-second delay in page-load can cause a 7% loss in customer conversions. At Digital Panda, speed is top of mind. We minimize http requests, minify JS & CSS, and optimize images. We maximize performance by reducing the number of requests going to the server.

  • Optimized code for high performance
  • Minimal server requests 
Getting found is step one


Digital Panda ensures HTML and CSS are always validated to eradicate errors. In addition, XML sitemaps for websites and images are submitted to the webmaster to ensure crawlability and indexability.

  • Validated sites to eradicate errors
  • XML sitemaps to ensure crawlability
It’s like a dictionary for search engines

Schema enabled

Schemas for semantic web are code snippets that help search engines index website data quickly and improve click-through rates. Website schemas are at the heart of how voice-search interacts with your website and are critical to having a site that is easily found. We can embed your content around over 90 schema-types to deliver the best user experience and maximize ROI.

  • 90+ schemas to wrap content
  • Easy for search engines to find
  • Compatible with voice-serach 
Designs that engage and bring people back

Usability and conversion

Our websites are based on sophisticated designs, information organization and are designed to be easy to scan. We conduct comprehensive usability studies to better understand how users interact with and move through websites.

  • Easy to scan and read sites
  • Designs based on usability studies
  • 300+ awards and counting

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