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Social Content Creation

Social Media Content Strategy

Let Digital Panda take the hassle and tedium out of the process of creating content for your social media sites. Digital Panda can provide social media content based on a formula we have used across thousands of clients
Share content that they want to read

Researching trending topics

We start by understanding your business, your target customers, and the personas of your customer base. Armed with this information, we research social media channels for relevant and trending topics that would be of interest to your audience. We do this research on an ongoing basis throughout the engagement to ensure that we are capturing the major trends for your target market. 

  • Trending topics based on your needs and your profile
  • Ongoing research to adjust as trends change 
Get on schedule

Content calendar

As part of our social media marketing service, we create a calendar for proactive and ongoing content. We include content creation, fresh images, and specials and promotions.

  • Ongoing content calendar
  • Includes creation, images and promotions 
Because writing the right content is just not that simple

Writing content and posting

We use expert content writers to generate content that is posted across all your social channels. The content focuses on events in the market and trending topics that are relevant to our clients’ target customer base. 

  • Expert writers create authoritative content
  • Focused on local events and trending topics 

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