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Schemas Deployment
Structured Data & Schema for Websites & SEO

Get found by consumers, whether the search is coming from Google, or from Alexa or Siri. Modern search engines use specific html tags, known as “schema” to identify and classify content. Whether it’s Google, Bing, Amazon or Apple’s Siri, all modern search systems use Schema to understand your content and match it with relevant search queries. 

At Digital Panda, we can deploy schema on your site within our award-winning CMS, or by integrating it into a third-party CMS.
Schema Tags | TheDigitalPanda.in

Schema Tags on Digital Panda CMS

Digital Panda CMS includes more than 90 different schema in our CMS and we ensure that most of the content on the website is tagged. This allows deep indexing of the site for better visibility in search

  • 90+ schema markups for rich saturation
  • Get more visibility through deeper indexing
  • Define what your business does and the value proposition
Schema on 3rd Party CMS | TheDigitalPanda.in

Schema on 3rd Party CMS

Enterprise sites with thousands of pages and hundreds of locations and products can leverage Digital Panda services to deploy schema in the tag manager using our schema manager software technology. Financial organizations wanting to ensure their ATMs and branches get found and retailers who want to index thousands of SKUs can see huge benefits from the use of schema.

  • Deploy schema tags on 3rd party systems
  • Tags deployed in tag manager
  • Focus on your business, we’ll focus on your schema

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