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Content SEO
SEO Content Strategies That Get You Ranked
Content SEO is still one of the most effective strategies for organic ranking on search engines. We begin by conducting competitive analysis and performing keyword research to determine what your consumers are looking for when they search for things related to your business. That research is then aligned to your content by creating headers, meta tags and body text for your web and mobile sites that are coordinated with your page focus, user intent and consumer search patterns, including voice queries.
SEO Content Strategy | TheDigitalPanda.in

SEO Content Strategy

The root of an effective SEO content strategy is research. That’s why before we start writing keyword-rich meta tags and enhanced content for your website, we begin with research. We perform extensive keyword research to determine the demand-generators for your market. We leverage unique strategies to develop keyword-rich meta tags, titles, and descriptions for pages, along with the deployment of schema tags for enhanced search optimization.
  • Research-based approach
  • Keyword research for what fits your market
  • Content and schemas mapped to research
Content Marketing | TheDigitalPanda.in

Content Marketing

Based on keyword research, Digital Panda creates custom SEO optimized content for your site and topical content based on what your target audience is looking for and semantic intent to enhance and optimize your website to be found and engage. This includes keyword research, writing meta-tags, and content generation. We also create and post content for blogs and social media channels for multi-channel search engine optimization.

  • Keyword research to map content
  • Meta-tag authoring
  • Content generation based on keywords and user intent
  • Social, blog and SEO-rich content


What’s all the chatter about content marketing services?

25% of the marketing mix of the most successful brands across the globe is primarily focused on ‘Content’. And nearly 65% of the content distributed and promoted by them is original and unique to their brands. Take a leaf from their book and realign your marketing strategy for the Next Gen consumers on the Web! Today’s smart consumers look for meaningful value addition from a company or brand rather than blatant advertising. Nearly 20% of their time on the Internet is spent on content-led websites. Moreover, with Mobile Internet poised to overtake desktop usage, the users want informative and entertaining content to read ‘on the go’. After all, interesting content is one of the top 3 reasons why people follow brands on social media sites and across the web, in general. You can enrich your business’ digital presence and enhance customer perceptions by executing our personalized content marketing strategies.


How is content marketing better than traditional marketing and advertising?

Traditional marketing techniques are being trumped by content marketing strategies. An average person spends 8 seconds on a billboard and 30 seconds on a TV or radio advertisement. But a whopping 25 minutes are spent on reading a content marketing title. At Digital Panda, the best digital marketing firm in India, we help you create a deeper connect with your target audience by distributing interesting and relevant content for and about you across various platforms on the Internet. Creating original online content for your consumers, we position you as the favorite source of like-able and shareable information. This, in turn, will lead to increased brand awareness and will nudge purchase decisions in your favor.


How will Digital Panda approach my content marketing campaign?

Good content works as a strong customer magnet. Did you know that content marketing can have positive impact on purchase decisions of 43% consumers and make 48% consumers more positive towards the brand itself? What an effective content marketing strategy does is build a relationship with your target consumers. We establish you as a leader in online conversations surrounding relevant topics that draw the attention and admiration of potential customers.


What comprises of content marketing services?

Our content marketing team comprises of experts in content creation and promotion, who know what your target consumers are looking for on the Internet. By providing useful content through the most effective channels to your consumers, we are not only helping you acquire new customers but also making existing customers more loyal towards you. Whether it is through web content, blogs, videos, Infographics, e-newsletters or pages on social media sites, our content marketing techniques will push you to the top of your customer’s consideration. Want to know more about how we can make your online business skyrocket through the niche? Discover the power of our content marketing services customized for your specific requirements. Connect with us now!


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