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SEO and Local Search

Local SEO for Hotels, Retailers and Banks

Get the most value from your marketing investment through SEO and Local Search. Whether you are interested in Hotel SEO, SEO for retailers or banks, Digital Panda provides some of the highest ROI available and direct-to-consumer channels to get your content discovered. Digital Panda focuses on technology and content-driven strategies that provide relevant results and generate high ROI.

SEO and Local Search | TheDigitalPanda.in
Technical SEO | TheDigitalPanda.in
The technology behind getting found

Technical SEO

Optimize the technology that powers your website and determines your SEO presence. Digital Panda technical SEO for hotels, retail and banks can help you develop the perfect architecture and framework to ensure your site is crawled correctly, provides the fastest possible download speed, and is properly indexed through a rich structured data framework.
Schema on 3rd Party CMS | TheDigitalPanda.in
Put a dictionary for search engines on your site

Schema on 3rd party CMS

The future of SEO is here, and it’s built on top of Schema.org’s schema structure. Digital Panda can help you create the perfect strategy to tag your content so that search engines understand the goal of your website and content, making it more likely that you will be found for relevant queries. Whether it’s your business name, type, or address, Digital Panda can populate your content with the right schema to get you found on any device, and any channel. Digital Panda can design schema into your website or through schema software and tag management.


Digital Panda schema deployment can be performed even at the enterprise level with the use of our tag management software. Whether you are ensuring your ATMs are properly indexed, or the thousands of SKUs in your system are discoverable, Digital Panda can help.

Content SEO | TheDigitalPanda.in
Your words, and getting you found

Content SEO

Digital Panda ‘s content SEO for hotels, retail and banks begins with a competitive analysis and exhaustive keyword research. Our goal is to ensure you are ranking for terms being actively searched by your consumers in your market. Digital Panda uses your keyword research to create title tags, header tags and meta-tags for your website and that are in line with your content to ensure you are found for consumer-relevant terms.
Search Profile Optimization | TheDigitalPanda.in
Getting who you are right

Search profile optimization

Ensure that your profiles at Google, Bing, Apple and other providers are fully optimized and complete. Digital Panda will help you create a compelling profile with the right images and information about your business, leading to higher ranking and greater search visibility.
Local Search | TheDigitalPanda.in
Your business information, correct, everywhere

Local search

Saturate the local-search ecosystem with accurate, enhanced business information. Digital Panda ‘s local search for hotels, retail and banks are designed to make your information available across local search, social media and all relevant channels, including visibility to the Google 3-Pack, Bing, Map applications and navigation systems.
Link Building | TheDigitalPanda.in
Connect to those that matter

Link building

Inbound links are the online business references for your business. Search engines use your inbound links to determine the value and reputation of your business, directly impacting rankings. The quality of sites linking to your business is paramount in any effective SEO strategy. Digital Panda will help create the most effective strategy based on your business needs and your strategic goals.
Custom SEO Strategy | TheDigitalPanda.in
Because one size does not fit all

Custom SEO strategies

Search is an always evolving, ever-changing technology, and staying ahead of the continuous algorithm changes and technological enhancements is a critical part of your SEO strategy. Digital Panda has over two decades of direct experience in helping clients at both the individual business and enterprise level stay ahead of the technology and in front of their clients. Digital Panda continuously evaluates ongoing technology trends and creates strategies and deploys changes. We focus on ensuring you maintain a robust mobile presence, that website enhancements increase search placement, enhancing listings in directories and third party search engine marketing systems, maintaining a strong social presence, content marketing and paid marketing strategies.

Benefits of SEO

Increased traffic from Search Engines

by increasing your organic rankings for relevant search terms

Increased traffic from referral websites

once we have increased your inbound links

Increased Brand Awareness

when we publish your content in various popular places

Increased trust in your brand

because of your website being referred to by other sites

Increased conversion rate

of your website through improved user experience and content

More cost effective

than Google Adwords long term

“Organic search engine traffic accounted for 73 percent of all traffic to business services websites”

(Search Engine Land)

On-site SEO


To improve your website’s rankings in Google your site needs to be seen as relevant and user-friendly. After identifying the search terms people use, we focus on:

  • Ensuring your site performs well on mobile and desktop devices, by improving the Google Page Insights score.
  • Improving the site structure and internal link structure
  • Check Google Search Console to ensure Google is crawling your site correctly
  • Optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, headings and image tags

Off-site SEO


As well as being useful and relevant, your business needs to be seen as trustworthy. Google measures trust in many ways, inbound links from trusted and relevant websites is a big factor.

  • Ensuring your site is featured on Google My Business and constantly listed trusted local directories
  • Obtaining links from your existing connections
  • Adding your business to industry-specific directories
  • Carrying out outreach on your behalf to build relationships with sought-after relevant, trusted websites and obtain inbound links and traffic
  • Sharing your business content on social media and social bookmarking sites to increase the chance of your sites content being found and linked to

Content Marketing


Content is central to SEO, without the most relevant and complete content, Google will not serve your web page to it’s users. Not only this, but other webistes won’t link to you either, proving Google’s decision. For this reason, we focus on:

  • Improve the most popular current content
  • Writing blog articles on a regular basis to answer the queries we know customers are asking
  • Producing videos, infographics and other forms of visual content, as Google likes to see a variety of content and will keep users on your page for longer
  • Publishing content via social media and bookmarking channels to increase exposure and credibility
  • Ensuring traffic to your website converts into leads and sales

Monthly reporting and analysis


Unlike many SEO companies we provide essential data on real KPI’s, not only rankings, but actual leads/sales generated from SEO.  That’s why we produce monthly reports outlining:

  • Measuring organic and referral traffic to your site
  • Highlighting changes to rankings
  • Website conversions from both organic and referral traffic
  • Making suggestions for future online marketing improvements

Keyword and competitor research


Before starting any SEO campaign, we conduct market, competitor and keyword research. This enables us to see how your potential customers behave online and how we can get your website in front of them. We can find out how your competitors are succeeding and where we can get ahead of them. We will target search terms that are not only searched a significant number of times every month, but are relevant and have buyer intent.


Why are Google organic rankings so important?

They generate a greater volume of traffic from your customers when they are proactively searching for your product or service, with an intent to buy. You can get an idea of how valuable these rankings are, by learning how much it costs to appear at the top of the rankings, using Google’s PPC Adwords.

Digital Panda is one of India’s most experienced SEO agencies, having established an office in the New Delhi in 2003. However our fascination for Google’s algorithm first started, when we developed our first website, in 1997!

Why is SEO important for my business?

Recent statistics suggest that 80% of all online sales begin with a search engine query! Furthermore, 90% of online buyers do not go beyond the first page of a search engine! Simply put, not being on the first page means not having an Internet presence. There is no point in having a website that cannot be found. In this virtual age, a sound optimization strategy is critical to your online success. Join hands with the best SEO company in India.


Why Website Traffic Services (WTS)?

Most SEO agencies won’t tell you this, but since Google changed the placing of its adverts in 2016, organic traffic has suffered. Google has removed the ads from the right-hand side (because they weren’t being used) and added more ads at the very top & bottom of the page.

Although organic rankings continue to obtain the majority of search engine traffic, it shows us that we need to create a more holistic strategy to gain maximum quality traffic through to your site. We need to fully understand how your customers behave online and what other websites they use, to find content relevant to your products or service.

What is the importance of SEO since Google’s changes?

Well to be quite honest, Google’s continued changes have reduced the importance of SEO, if all you do is concentrate on Google rankings alone. However, if you practice SEO correctly, you would be targeting other relevant websites with high trust value and traffic to gain inbound links. If your SEO agency does this well, you will not only get good Google rankings because of the inbound “link juice”, but great traffic from referral sources (as defined in Google analytics).


What does an SEO Agency do?

This can depend on you and your in-house capabilities, if you have non, then the agency will do everything from technical SEO, content creation, link building and management. However if you would like to create your own content and have an in house web developer with a good understanding of SEO, the we can be used for strategy, analysis and ongoing management.

Every project is different, from the websites you are working on, to your competition and the goals of your website. for instance the strategy for a local retailer would be very different to that of an eCommerce business.

Can’t I manage my SEO campaign by myself?

The world of search engines is full of surprises. Google and Bing constantly revamp their search algorithms to ensure better and fresh results. These changes dominate and influence website positions in the search results. We, at Digital Panda , keep ourselves abreast with all such latest updates and refine our online marketing strategies accordingly. To us, sustaining your top search position rather than just getting you there is of the utmost importance. As your SEO company, we do not stop at bringing a wave of traffic to your website. Our sole objective is to bring it to your door!

What should you expect from the best SEO company in India like Digital Panda?

With Digital Panda, your website will hit the top of all major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. As your trusted SEO company in India, Digital Panda exposes you to the humongous and ever-growing Internet community. With our guidance, SEO will easily become your sustainable business model providing a never-ending revenue stream.


How will you approach my SEO campaign?

Through our on-page and off-page optimization techniques, we first make your website visible to the search engines. We then follow it up with our effective link building tactics ensuring that your website gets the first page ranking for your desired keywords. Our SEO services help you get better visibility in search engines; more targeted traffic to your website; higher number of qualified leads from your website; and huge savings on cost per lead.


What makes the best SEO Agency?

We like to think when choosing an agency you should be looking for three simple but essential USP’s:

Transparency – Before the project starts, there needs to be a clear understanding of the search terms you would like to be found for, the strategy and complete access to all statistics available. Don’t just rely on the reports provided, have a guided look through all the tools such as Google search console, analytics and the agencies chosen software such as MOZ, Serpstat, SEMRush etc.

Flexibility – Don’t get tied into a fixed term contract with a fixed monthly price, everything can change, whether it’s your business, your competition or Google’s algorithm. There’s no reason for an agency to demand more than 3 months notice of any changes with the agreement. SEO should be a long term partnership, not just a service.

Experience – Because SEO isn’t taught in school or University, everything has to be learnt in the real world. This isn’t helped by the fact Google doesn’t tell anyone how their algorithm actually works. SEO practitioners are left to their own devices to learn from testing again and again and……

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