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Digital Media Advertising

Digital Media Marketing Agency & Advertising

Every brand needs a marketing strategy and Digital Media Advertising is an important part of the marketing strategy. It not only brings visibility for your brand but also enhanced customer engagement, and improved conversions at the same time.
Once, we at Digital Panda have completed thorough research and analyzed your brand’s existing landscape, our dedicated team works seamlessly towards identifying and implementing successful strategies. We also identify new growth opportunities and start reaching out to your target audience with well-place and well-timed digital ads that meet your business goals.

1. Pay-per-click Advertising

Get in front of your consumers on the right channels with the right message.

2. Display Media Advertising and Remarketing

Strengthen organic and paid campaigns with programmatic advertising.

3. Social Media Advertising

Build awareness earlier in the purchase funnel with social media advertising.

4. Meta-search advertising

Get the booking you want from OTA without the OTA fees - with Metasearch ads.

5. Shopping Engines

The data-driven CMS for the 21st century. Powered by schemas, ADA-friendly & AMP ready.

6. Amazon Ads

A state of the art website requires a state of the art hosting infrastructure.

“Over 3bn Social Media users and those aged 55+ are twice as likely to engage with brands online”

(Brandwatch, 2018)


“81% of people start their research online before buying”


You know that your customers hang out, research, and buy online, therefore, you need a strategy to reach out to them with exactly the right content, at the right time. If you’re unable to do so, then your competitors will surely capture your target audience’s attention.

Everything we do is in line with our Six Stage Digital Marketing Process


Research your buyer personas until you understand their needs, interests, concerns and how they consume content. Research your competition so you can see where you should be positioning your business within the market place.


Every project should have a different Strategy, not only based on the research carried out, but the individual circumstances of the business involved, such as budget available, how well established is the brand, targets etc.


Good quality, specific and relevant content is the fuel for all Inbound Marketing. Not only will it help your SEO, but will also provide ammunition for your Email and Social Media Marketing.


Once you have the attention of your buyer personas, you need to engage them. Through constant strategic communication with Social Media and Emails, we will be able to nurture these initial contacts into relationships.


Once the buyer persona is in the final stage of the buying process and ready to buy, we will ensure that the correct message and call to action is in the right place at the right time. Particularly on your website.


Once you have secured the customer it’s important to turn them into a brand advocate, promoting you on your behalf with the use of Social Media and Emails. Goal setting is essential for continued growth.


What we do differently?

Inbound Marketing

We have a proven record since 1997 for achieving the goals of hundreds of SME’s. These goals are achieved throughout the buying process, whether it be increased brand awareness, website traffic or leads/sales.

We follow a holistic Inbound Marketing Methodology that is tailored to the changing world of customer behavior. This process doesn’t rely on huge up front costs like traditional forms of marketing. Instead it’s creativity that organically improves your Digital Marketing ROI and over time the growth increases exponentially.

Not only do we perform all of the above work within our experienced in-house team, we also use the most effective software. These tools range from Google analytics, Moz to Webleads giving you real information to allow you to convert as many people landing on your website as possible.


Video Marketing

We are always looking to be ahead of the trend as we know this is a fast moving industry. We evolved from being a website and SEO agency to a holistic online marketing agency in 2012. We have added Video marketing to our services as we have seen a gap in the Video production market.

If you are at the point where you aren’t sure what elements of your Online Marketing you need help with, we can carry out a Free video Review without any input from yourself, other than a web address and email.



Lastly we can offer workshops for those businesses with personnel in-house that maybe be able to carry out a lot of the work, if they had the know how. We are happy to help you help yourself.

We believe that a holistic approach with honesty and transparency will help you succeed long term.

What's all the chatter about digital marketing services?

Modern technology is evolving at a fast pace and businesses need to do their bit to keep up with the pace. Businesses today have realized the potential of digital marketing and how if done properly, it can grow the business by leaps and bounds. Businesses are either tweaking their action plans to accommodate digital marketing, or they are incorporating digital advertising techniques in their existing marketing strategies.


What sets Digital Panda apart from other digital marketing service providers?

We have been in the digital space for a long time now to know what it takes to be the best digital marketing service providers. We have seen the digital world evolving, and we have continually tried to better ourselves and today we are the best in the business equipped to provide high-quality service that the clients expect from us. One of many reasons why we pride ourselves in being different is because of our team of excellent digital marketers. They are equipped to think out of the box and come up with a strategy that is bound to be successful.


How will Digital Panda approach my digital marketing need?

Our team will chalk out a persuasive and equally dynamic digital marketing strategy that will emphasize on getting better website ranking and include success elements like social and reputation monitoring, SEO tools and reports. Our team of experienced digital marketers are specialized in conceptualizing and implementing custom SEO strategies. Through our digital marketing services, we educate our client on how our strategy will better their online presence.

Why digital marketing is essential for your business?

Digital marketing has proven beneficial to businesses of all sizes by giving access to an exceptionally pervasive and lucrative mass market at an affordable price. A befitting digital marketing strategy in your business module can help you to make your presence felt in the online market. It also increases your brand awareness, increases brand recall value and encourages customer engagement through digital media. Digital marketing is a powerful tool in today’s marketing world and it has the potential to surpass all the traditional marketing tools.


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