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Learn 6 Steps To Conduct A Social Media Audit
(includes a free template)

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Learn 6 Steps To Conduct A Social Media Audit (includes a free template) | TheDigitalPanda.in

In the previous article, we helped you to Learn How To Create A Social Media Content Calendar and now it’s time to conduct your very own social media audit. We even have a handy template that you can use to get it done in no time.


Bonus: Get the free social media audit template


Every business should have an effective social media marketing plan and you can easily achieve that by conducting a social media audit. It will help in developing and updating your social media marketing plan. 

Auditing your social media plan helps in figuring out the strategies or tactics that are working well for your business on social media platforms and what’s not working well. After conducting an audit, you will be able to find the fake accounts, profiles that are outdated, and any new opportunities to help you grow and engage your audience. 

Social media audit is a simple process of compiling a list of all of your social media accounts along with any fake accounts, and any critical information about all of these accounts in one place. 

When building your social media audit document (or fill in our social media audit template), you need to write down your goals, and verify if your existing social media strategy is working or not. Once you have found out the data points, you simply have to replace the points that are not working with new ones that will help you grow and engage your audience better. 

Irrespective, conducting a social media audit will provide you with the best way forward. You will know your exact social media goals, the people responsible for each of your social media channels, and eventually have all this important information easily accessible any time you want. So let’s get started.

Step 1: Create a social media audit document (or fill in our social media audit template below)

A social media audit is working like ‘Sherlock Holmes’. You have to think and work like a detective and it would be really useful to maintain a document to input your findings. We recommend using a spreadsheet as it makes it easy to keep a track of all the information that you find while conducting the social media audit. You can even use the social media template that we’ve created for you which you will find at the end of this guide. We have created a list of data points that you will need to record for each of your social media accounts below:

  • Links of your social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and any other social media account that you maintain. All of them in a single place. For example: facebook.com/thedigitalpanda
  • Also note down all of your social media handle. For example: @thedigitalpanda
  • Names of the people or team responsible for managing these social media accounts
  • Mission statements for your account
  • Note down top 3 posts in terms of engagement
  • Make a note of 3 important metrics such as Brand Awareness, Engagement, Conversions, etc. 
  • Key demographic information

Also, include a separate comments section to take notes for your accounts. 

Step 2: Tracking down all old and new social media accounts

It’s time to find and note down all of the social media accounts that were ever created, accounts you use regularly, and old and/or unused accounts that you might have created in the past and are no longer using it. This list should also include the social media accounts that are being used by internal departments as well.

Once you have completed the above task, it’s time to identify the social media platforms you don’t have a presence on and start thinking if you need to be present on them too or not. You might still want to consider reserving your business handle by creating a profile on the platforms that you might not be actively using. 

Methods of find your social media accounts:

  1. Start by doing a Google Search of your own company name as well as the names of your products and make a note of all the social media accounts that show up in the searches. This is where the detective work starts. Keep an eye out for any fake accounts that are not connected with your business.
  2. You can also search directly on each of the social media platforms to find more details about your accounts. 
  3. Once you have recorded all the relevant accounts, make necessary notes in case you want to do research on any suspicious accounts that you might have encountered while conducting your search in the above-mentioned 2 steps. 
  4. In the event that you have recorded any fake accounts, reach out to each of these account holders directly and escalate matters to the social networks, if needed.

Step 3: Keep all social media accounts up-to-date

Once you have completed the detective work and have compiled a list of your social media accounts, it’s time to complete or update them with the latest information. We recommend updating the following to the latest state of your business:

  • Profile and cover images
  • Profile Bio
  • Handles
  • Links
  • Pinned Posts

Take a look at all of these sections for all of the social media accounts that you manage actively and keep them updated to the current brand image and standards. 

Step 4: Find out your best performing posts

Now that all of your active social media accounts are updated, it’s time to find out the best performing posts on each of these accounts. Start by making a note of 3 posts that have the most engagement with their respective links too. 

You need to do this inorder to identify the pattern that works for your business the best. Is it image post or video post that are working the most of your business? What kind of response do you get on Facebook and Instagram?

Take notes in the notes column of your observations made. If you think you have found out a pattern that works well the most, make sure to use that pattern more often and record your results. 

Step 5: Gather key insights

Your performance evaluations depend upon your business mission statement for each of your social media accounts. With the help of your mission statements, you will be able to identify the key metrics to evaluate your social media accounts. Once you have done your performance evaluation, you will see that some of your accounts perform better than others. For the accounts that are not performing well, you either need to develop a new strategy along, or simply choose to discontinue those accounts. 

Step 6: Understanding demographics of each social media platform

Every social media platform has its unique set of demographics. For example: Linkedin users tend to have relatively high incomes, TikTok users are much younger than Facebook users. We recommend using analytical tools such as Facebook Audience Insights to learn more about the demographics on Facebook. Remember to make a note of your findings in the note column or a separate column.

Now that you have gathered enough information, you can make strategic decisions and focus your social media marketing efforts. Not all channels are likely going to benefit your business so you need to either re-strategize or discontinue that channel if it is not worth investing your time, money, and efforts. These decisions don’t have to be permanent but a very strategic decision. The most important thing is to make these decisions based on the research conducted on various channels and sticking with the channels that work the best for your business.

On that note, social media audit is not a one-time process and rather an ongoing process. You should keep conducting regular audits. This will make sure that you are always on track and all of your social media accounts are performing at the optimum levels. We recommend conducting a social media audit every quarter as this helps in improving your ROI.


Bonus: Get the free social media audit template


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