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5 Reasons Why You Need A Social Media Content Calendar

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5 Reasons Why You Need A Social Media Content Calendar​

Ever since social media came into existence, it has become a critical part of marketing for businesses around the world. Social media not only allows individuals to share regular updates, it also helps business to reach out to its target audience easily and most importantly, it’s really cost effective. And, as businesses learn to improve their marketing on social media platforms, they are able to improve their ROI. 

There is also a downside to advertising on social media. There is so much competition for businesses to promote their brands on social media that platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. have become like a battlefield. Businesses are investing heavily in promoting their brands and trying to capture their target audience before any of their competitors. 

Businesses have to constantly keep producing content for social media platforms and be able to distribute the same content effectively in order to stay ahead or even just to keep up with their rivals. Creating content is not easy as it takes a lot of time and effort and a certain amount of copywriting skill to be able to really stay on top of things. Content is essential but not just any content. It has to be a high value content created for a specific target audience. And, in order for a business to be really on top of things, a social media calendar is highly recommended. Maintaining a social media calendar allows you to organise your content creation process. You are able to monitor the publishing and distribution of your content to really stay ahead of things. 

We have written this article to show you exactly how to create an easy to use content calendar for your social media platforms. 

What is a social media content calendar?

In simple words, a social media calendar helps in organising content activities around social media platforms. This also helps in keeping track of all your social media activities in one place. There are a number of ways in which you can create a social media calendar such as spreadsheets, tables, social media apps, etc. depending upon the simplicity or complexity of your company needs. 

Don’t worry, creating a social media content calendar is no rocket science. We have created a separate article to help you Learn how to create a social media content calendar. Good stuff is just about to begin, so keep reading!

5 Reasons why you need a social media content calendar

There are a number of reasons why your business needs a social media content calendar. 

1) Social Media Content Calendar is time saving. We recommend you to prepare all your social media posts for your social media accounts in advance. This makes it easier and a lot faster to share your content. You don’t end up wasting too much valuable time every time. When you create your social media content in advance, you only have to put in the time and effort once. Once you have the content ready with you, you can simply schedule it using scheduling apps or you can post them manually as and when the time comes.

2) Social media content calendar helps to keep your team on the same page. It is important to keep your entire team updated and on the same page on all the ongoing marketing activities. This helps in reducing the mistakes, and content marketing and sharing done effectively and actively. Doing this will improve overall employee engagement. Moreover, it will keep the morale of your team up. 

3) Maintaining a social media content calendar also helps in keeping your posts consistent. This allows you to keep on top of your game. On social media, consistency is key. You need to be able to regularly post your content on social media accounts to keep those engagements increasing. If you are not actively posting then you risk losing the attention and interest of your potential customers. You want your customers to be able to engage with your brand as much as possible and not forget about your brand due to lack of posts. Popular online marketers are constantly pushing fresh content on their social media accounts. Consistency is really important towards building your brand on social media. As a brand, you want your customers to become familiar with your content. 

Another thing you need to keep in mind when creating content for different social media platforms is to follow their guidelines. By following these guidelines, you can build consistency with your content. There are a lot of tools available online and one of our favorite tools is Canva that allows you to create really amazing, professional looking posts. 

4) Create content around hot trends to drive traffic. You can easily come to know what is trending when using social media. A social media content calendar can help you see patterns and then you can even build your own trends. 

5) Social media content calendar helps you plan for the future more effectively. Every year we see a whole lot of new social media platforms popping up and with the help of the social media content calendar you can easily plan for the future. With the use of a content calendar you are easily able to create content for important future dates. Moreover, you can easily plan for any slow months to fill in the gaps with awesome content to maintain a steady flow of customers and revenue throughout the year. 

The majority of your online success is based on your performance on social media. So, what are you waiting for now? Go and create a social media content calendar today. Don’t know where to start? We have created a separate article to help you Learn how to create a social media content calendar.

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