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Mobile Design

Mobile Website Design for Hotels, Retail and Financial Services

Mobile devices represent more than 60% of traffic and more than 50% of searches. Having a great mobile website design is critical. Digital Panda mobile-first website designs go beyond a “responsive” site that just re-formats your desktop content. We create an app-like experience that prioritizes user-interactions and presents content in app-like experiences to boost conversions.
Beyond mobile-first to an app-like experience

Mobile Website Design that Feels Like an App

Mobile-first is the artful blending of appropriate design and user experience. We take into consideration what the user will do on your mobile site and prioritize user intent. We use bigger buttons, placed in the right place, images that are easy to scroll, and prominent calls to action with fast and easy forms. Digital Panda mobile-first drives higher conversions and revenue.

  • Designs based on user-intent
  • Simple, easy interactions based on touch gestures
  • Large, easy to use CTAs and forms
The perfect architecture, for the perfect experience

HTTPS and PWA, the foundation of a Mobile-First Website

Digital Panda mobile websites are powered by HTTPS – a secure architecture that provides peace of mind to consumers and boosts rankings. Digital Panda mobile sites also feature a Progressive Web App (PWA) framework to give an app-like experience with off-line access and speedy notifications.
  • HTTPS for secure connections & higher rankings
  • PWA architecture enables offline access & notifications
  • The fastest mobile: up to 90+ on PageSpeed for mobile
Mobile websites that load near instantaneously

AMP Mobile Pages

Digital Panda was the first vendor in the hospitality space, and one of the first non-publishers to adopt the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) standard, resulting in impressive performance for our clients. AMP pages load in a fraction of a the time of traditional mobile pages and result in higher conversion rates and higher ROI.

  • AMP sites that are blazing fast
  • Faster engagement for consumers
  • Leverage the latest in mobile

Key Features of Digital Panda Mobile sites:

  • HTTPS enabled for secure access
  • PWA-powered for offline access & notifications
  • User-intent based design
  • Device-specific rendering for fastest performance
  • Easy to edit in CMS
  • SEO, Schemas & Meta tags enabled
  • Simple, gesture-based UI that prioritizes actions
  • Small, easy to navigate images & mobile galleries
  • Maintain main domain relevancy
  • Designs & layouts optimized based on device type
  • Tracking and Analytics

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