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Website Design for Hotels, Retailers and Banks

Thousands of hospitality, retail and financial services businesses rely on Digital Panda for their websites and eCommerce sites. Creative design, content, search technology and our award-winning content management system are critical differentiators for them. We use the latest trends in digital web and mobile design through a persona-based approach and a storyboard creative model to connect with your audience. The perfect balance of creativity and technology is the difference.

An Award-Winning Approach To Your Website

Creative design drives engagement and conversion. Digital Panda sites use pioneering digital design, built around carefully crafted user personas communicated through story boards. Graphical elements and imagery tell your story and combine look and feel with exceptional usability based on thousands of hours of research.

1. Creative Design

Persona-based approach that defines compelling, brand-focused experiences.

2. Mobile and AMP

Adaptive-responsive mobile-first designs and AMP compatibility for the best mobile experience.

3. Content

Verified, original content, designed around your brand and optimized for search.

4. Search Technology

Search-friendly sites, rich with schemas, blazingly fast and voice-search ready.

5. Content Management System

The data-driven CMS for the 21st century. Powered by schemas, ADA-friendly & AMP ready.

6. Hosting

A state of the art website requires a state of the art hosting infrastructure.

What happens after your site is live?

Once the website goes live, it’s important to keep the website up to date and relevant to ensure you make the most out of your web traffic. Once the potential customers are viewing your site, you need to be able to analyse their behaviour patterns on your pages.

From this analysis, you can begin to decide which page are the most popular with customers and which pages need most improvement. Carrying this task out successfully will hopefully provide an increase to your conversion rates of your CTA’s i.e. visitors completing online forms, receiving calls and buying a product.

We are there to support you every step of the way by offering the following services on a simple monthly basis:

Hosting, Domain & Google Analytics

This ensures the website and email functionally are live, as well as providing the necessary statistics behind the websites performance.

Website Maintenance

This keeps the website fresh and interesting, providing good content for your audience.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a tool used to achieve higher rankings in Google searches. This will increase the quantity of your visitors by moving your website up in search results.


We can provide hands on consultancy from an experienced Internet Marketing Consultant to ensure everything carried out is at its highest, improving performance to your site on a monthly basis.

Website Copywriting

We understand that you may know your business better than anyone else but may not be able to get it across as you’d like to in writing. We can help you with your website proofreading, copywriting and editing.c

Domain Registrations

You may or may not already have a domain ready to use. But we can help advise on the best domain to register as well as manage the process so that your domain never expires unintentionally.

Graphic Design

With branding and visual content being so important in engaging your audience, we can help ensure all your content has it’s desired impact with our experienced designer.


Why does my business need website design and development service in India?

A vast majority of your customers today are sitting behind a laptop or a mobile device. And, the most optimum way to reach them is through your company’s website. Think of your website as the digital form of a brick and mortar store. It is the decor and set-up of a store that makes a potential customer give it a second glance, eventually pulling them in through the door. When a potential customer is searching the web for the product or service you deal in, and comes across your website, your website’s design can make or break your brand’s impression. Digital Panda knows all too well the importance of website design in the overall digital marketing plan of our clients.


How would a website help my business better connect with my customers?

An increasing number of businesses in India are going the digital route now. The digital market in India is only getting bigger by the day. Hence, it is imperative that you have an effective and appealing website design that enables you to cast a wider net. For your website to stand out from the millions of competitors in the digital landscape, it has to follow certain guidelines. Your content should be crisp, entertaining, and informative, as the modern age customers are always facing a time crunch. The motto is ‘browsing’, and not ‘reading’. Apart from that, you also have to ensure your website is innovative, user-friendly, and aesthetically appealing. Well, the good news is you don’t have to get floundered by all the do’s and don’ts of website designing. As one of the top web design and development companies in India, and a leading web design agency in India, we have got you covered on every front.

Why do you need Web Design Development Services?

The usability of your website is essential for the growth of your business, especially when you do not have any physical location. A well crafted website has the power of appealing a lot of visitors who can eventually turn into your customers. And when you have only a few seconds to impress a visitor, you need to have each code and script precisely written. Think about any of website which has left a mark on your mind, whether an e-commerce site, blog or business website, it all had to be built by a web developer. With professional Web Development solutions, every single feature on your website is going to function smoothly to give your visitors the best browsing experience ever.


What should you expect from the best Web Design & Development company in India like Digital Panda?

Web development team at Digital Panda comprises of passionate programmers adept at using cutting-edge technologies to produce a highly dynamic, fully functional & interactive web solution. They understand the fact that a website is company’s face and speaks volume about their business and brand. Hence, our web developers are always ready to go the extra mile for making each and every feature on your website respond the way it should be responding.

How do we approach every Web Design Development project?

Apart from web designers who are the imaginators, there is a great need of transformators as structure and layout of your website is just as important as the design. These are none other than the web developers. They help in bringing each design, layout, content, animation and function on your website live. It is therefore very important for developers to work hand in hand with designers and strategists to develop a meticulously responsive and a completely user-friendly website. Together with our developers and designers weave design, innovation and technology to create a world class experience for all platforms.


What makes Digital Panda one of the best Web Development Company in India?

At Digital Panda, our web developing team have been programming high-end web software, web applications and web portals since years now. This helps them to deliver exquisitely robust web solutions that are custom tailored to the specific need of different industries. Yes, you read that right, we have successfully completed hundreds of web projects for industries with diverse business domains and constantly heading towards adding more.

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